Some Free Games for the Xbox One

The Xbox One is one of the most popular game consoles today and it is a direct competition to the Sony Playstation 4.

This game console has all the hardware specs that allow you to play even the most demanding 3D game titles.

Most of the 3D games, though, are sold at high prices. Not a lot of people can dish out money on a whim to buy these games. So, how can you enjoy your Xbox One game console if you currently do not have money to spend on some of its games?

Well, in this article, I will talk about some of the free games that you can get for your Xbox One. I feel that these games are worth your money, but they are offered for free for you to enjoy.

So, without further ado, here are just some of the free games that you can download and play on your Xbox One game console:

  1. AirMech Arena. This is a strategy game much like the Red Alert games of old. Since the Red Alert and Halo Wars were pretty popular in game consoles, the game developers behind this game made no delay and created a free game for the Xbox One console. The base game is for free but there is also a starter pack where you just pay $10 and you get some of goodies and bonuses. If you want to support the game developer, you can dish out the ultimate bonus pack which costs $150 but comes with all of the goods that you could ever want in the game.
  2. Project Spark. This free-to-play game is much like Minecraft wherein you build almost anything you can come up with. Another thing that is similar in this game and with Minecraft is that once you’ve finished building your own custom map, you will be able to share it with the world. Unfortunately, the game developers have stopped working on this game since September of 2015. Still, this game is up for grabs and it is now up to the people and the community to further this game’s name.
  3. Killer Instinct. Do you love fighting games? Killer Instinct was one of my favorite fighting games back when the Super Nintendo Entertainment System game console reigned supreme. This iconic fighting game has now been revamped and built into a fully 3D game with amazing graphics. This game is free-to-play and you have the option to pay for the season pass which gives you new content automatically.
  4. Warframe. This relatively new third-person shooting game is making strides over the internet. It is slowly becoming one of the best games of 2015, and rightfully so, you can play with other people online. Plus, it has an integration with the game consoles and the PC. What I mean by this is no matter if you’re playing the PC version or the Xbox One version of the game, you will be in the same community. The game is free to play but you can pay for some in-game currency if you want to.

These are just some of the free games you can download and play on the Xbox One. If you have the money, please do support the game developers to further help them improve their games.

And also, I really urge you to buy Triple A titles such as Halo 5 as it has a compelling gameplay and multiplayer fun like no other.

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