Purported Benefits of HCG Hormone

Since time immemorial, many people aspiring to shed off extra weight have been getting HCG shots in the quest for losing weight and living a better lifestyle. However, according to health experts, injections of the pregnancy hormone, HCG, or human chorionic gonadotropin as aptly referred to in medical parlance, cannot instigate weight loss unless coupled with a HCG diet that is relatively low in calories. HCG shots are effective in controlling your body weight.

HCG diet, or weight loss plan, restricts dieters from taking foods and caloric intakes that are not overall recommended to help shed off extra body fat. On average, a dieter needs to consume at least between 500 and 800 calories daily to maintain a healthy weight. However, you must get HCG injections for the diet to be fully effective. The best of places to get HCG shots is at your local clinic. This hormone is produced by pregnant women and used to treat infertility in women.

Purported Benefits of HCG Hormone

According to clinical studies, the hormone is claimed to help instigate weight loss by melting away unnecessary fat that gets “abnormally distributed” around your stomach, buttocks and hip areas, and also fat surrounding your arms. So among the many considerable benefits of the hormone is that it helps dieters lose weight fast over an extended period. Low caloric intake also plays a huge role in reducing the distribution of “abnormal fat” in your body.

Critics of HCG diet are, however, quick to interject that dieters can effectively lose weight by just eating low caloric food intakes without necessarily having (an) HCG injection. hcg-blackTheir argument stems from the fact that since they (dieters) stick to relatively small intakes of calories in a day, they should lose weight as much without needing the shots. But what critics are not aware is that the HCG hormone is designed to melt away particular pockets of “abnormal fat” fast.

A plethora of studies have been done worldwide on HCG injections for weight loss, and the results are clear, there is certainly a need to treat weight loss with HCG shots. But how safe is the diet in regards to losing weight? Does it have any long-term effects on one’s body? There are no known major side effects of sticking with the diet, only mild ones: headache, irritability and fatigue, which later subside as you stay on with the diet.

In a nutshell, the HCG diet is effective in controlling weight loss and the growth of muscles. It’s important, however, to seek medical supervision prior to commencing any diet. So control your intake of calories each day carefully and remember to read handy HCG diet tips to help you stay on track. It’s not easy to maintain this diet over an extended period hence the tips.

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